Allison Declercq

Event Producer, Motown Music Groover, Sweet Potato Enthusiast

By the age nine Allison had learned to poach an egg and was baking chocolate chip cookies daily. Her fervor for all things food at a young age can be attributed to her grandparents, who clearly spoiled her considering the only tomatoes she would eat had to come from her Grammy’s garden. They taught her to garden and how to can harvest veggies for the winter, but more importantly they guided her to find a creative outlet in food…and that few things in life cannot be solved with chocolate! To this day there’s nothing she enjoys more than her Papa’s spaghetti.

At some point she put down the mixing spoon and took off her apron long enough to pick up rowing which is the sport that brought her to the University of California, Berkeley for her bachelor's degree. Allison found herself surrounded with a whole new palate of flavors offered in the Bay Area and subsequently fell deeply in love with all things dipped, glazed, creamed, fried, baked, and covered in curry sauce. Food was different out here…food was a new chapter!  

Post college, Allison went to work for a technology startup selling project portfolio management software, which was as fascinating as it sounds. She kept up with her food enthusiasm by perfecting sweet potato pancake recipes on Saturday mornings or taking spontaneous trips to organic farms in Italy. Feeling lackluster talking software everyday, she packed up and headed to South America where she ate her way through Peru, Chile, and Colombia. She worked at farms, vineyards, and gardens; particularly in their kitchens where she soaked up every ounce of knowledge she could. What stood out most to Allison during her travels was the unprecedented experiences of every shared meal and how much joy great food and company brought her. Upon her return Allison hopes to continue to create the perfect atmosphere for others to share meals and have dining experiences to forever cherish.  

When she’s not experimenting in her own kitchen or searching for the best eggs benedict in San Francisco,  Allison can be found in her Detroit hat and fanny pack trying to keep up with her one-eyed dog, Magoo, at Ocean Beach.