Chandler Henry


Second Sous, Photo Taker, Biscuit Maker

Chandler followed her intuition to study Business and Hospitality Management in Charleston, SC: the booming food mecca of the south. There she developed a culinary vocabulary from learning about local ingredients, farms, and chefs. During her schooling, she lived in the Panamanian jungle for a season studying farm to table culinary arts where her love for food and travel truly blossomed. After her Central American adventure, she constantly looked for excuses to throw brunch and birthday parties for her  friends, selfishly seeking a reason to put on a show.

After many jobs, internships, and trips in the hospitality industry, all signs were pointing to food in some form or fashion. A month after graduation, Chandler hopped from coast to coast in hopes of finding a niche that would exploit all of her best attributes. The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone helped define her path as she earned the Accelerated Culinary Arts degree. Being in the Napa Valley region, her mind exploded as she learned about, not only west coast produce, but world renowned Valley wines and the possibilities of the two combined. Satiated she was not. 

After returning from a food excursion through Southeast Asia, she officially claimed California as home. One more cross country drive for the books and she found herself in Oakland to start as a prep cook for Culinary Eye. Months later she joined the incredible team officially. Ever since, she has played with flavors, designs, color, placement, lighting, and techniques to better develop the unique image of the company. 

Chandler, has found her niche.