Kelley Levin


Event Composer, Fun Enforcer, Culture Enthusiast

Kelley is a Northern California native who grew up in the wine country and has always had a love for good food (and drinks). At a young age she was watching cooking shows on her time off from playing soccer and running amuck in the small town of Kenwood. At 14 she chose to take Culinary Class instead of Home Economics and still can’t sew a button, but does know how to properly handle a knife and loves being in the kitchen.

After earning her degree from Cal Poly in International Business, Kelley has made a point to travel whenever and wherever possible. She believes nothing is more important than learning about other cultures and what better way to share culture than through food. Her first big trip was to Guatemala at the age of 10 where she took Spanish classes and ate a lot of perfectly cooked rice and beans. The travel bug has yet to leave her and since then Kelley has lived in Brazil and Spain and has traveled to a dozen European countries, often specifically to visit cheese producers. She will never say no to trying a new food at least once (unless it’s still moving).

Her list of career experiences is pretty diverse but after trying the tech world, non-profits, recruiting, serving, teaching English, etc., she always comes back to being the detail person. Joining the Culinary Eye team allows her to hone in on Event Production and see people come together to celebrate milestones small and large.