Phill pappas


Second Sous, 

The second son of a delightfully talented, consistently humble, and comedically inclined French mother, Phill Pappas grew up with an understanding that while at home, the richest moments in life take place in the kitchen and around the dinner table.

An occasional vagabond and avid hiker who speaks three languages in six voices, Phill has a relentless curiosity for howland, people, and food from across the globe intersect to create culture. Culture based around food traditions, passed down or, rather, synthesized, from one generation to the next are some of the strongest ties we have to the past, and it is from these traditions that we often experience many of life's most important moments: at a bountiful table, surrounded by family and friends, raising a glass, and sharing a meal.

These traditions and experiences have guided Phill through the kitchen over his 15 years. Informed greatly by those who came before him, influenced by where he's been and what he's tasted, propelled by mentors to continue his culinary education, his ethos in the kitchen is largely a reflection of his approach to life: keep it simple and delicious, know your wines, make 'em laugh, and create an evening to remember.