Production Queen, Dog Mom, Carb Fairy

Quan has always had a knack for details, design, good food, and all things events. With a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from SFSU, she started her journey in the industry with assisting wedding planners while keeping her foot in the restaurant world part-time. As she began to gain more and more experience through weddings, she realized that she wanted to expand her knowledge in all aspects of the event industry. 

She has since worked as a lead wedding planner, a venue event coordinator, and even has one season of working for the Golden State Warriors events team under her belt! While scoping out her next career move, she missed being a part of the fast paced environment that took place in restaurant settings but also very much loved being part of the controlled chaos in event planning. So she decided to take a turn into the catering world and hasn’t looked back. 

Being super detail-oriented and the workaholic that she is - the adrenaline from the high pressure, quick thinking, onsite problem solving, and all of the above just hits her like clockwork. Her passion has always been in executing seamless event production whether it’s for a 12 person private sit down dinner, upscale weddings for Bay Area’s top tech CEOs, or a corporate concert for 5,000 people. As the Event Production Manager at Culinary Eye, her skills assists both the kitchen and front-of-house team to ensure all event details and logistics are equipped and finalized.