Chef Tyson Hoang

Sous Chef, Equipment Jangler, Product Tagger, Panda Wrangler

Tysons earliest memory of cooking is of his mother teaching him how to fry an egg when he was eight years old. From that moment he would occasionally cook for his family, friends, and himself through out high school. 

After high school he would go on to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, CA for his culinary degree. During school, he took a job at a french bistro, Le Saint Amour. While there, he learned from many great chefs including Walter Manzke of Republique, and Jon Butler of 71 Above. After a year and a half at Saint Amour, Tyson decided to move to the Bay Area.

After staging at SPQR a few times, he wound up taking a job at Plum in Oakland for about a year. After that, Tyson decided to step into the world of catering, getting a job with Nosh Catering. A few months later he was recommended for a position at Culinary Eye Catering.

Tyson has happily been a part of Culinary Eye Catering since 2013, eyeing the growth of the company into a large production caterer, as well as himself into Executive Sous Chef.