Creating Something Uniquely Yours
— Our Philosophy

Who we are

When I started Culinary Eye Catering and Events in 2010, I did it with a love of food and a want to produce delicious and creatively unique shared experiences. This is why we are a catering team rather than a restaurant. Having a background in kitchens and an education in interactive art and psychology, I’ve built a team whose goal is to take care of our clients and create memorable moments at each one of our events. We are chefs, artists, designers, logistics minds and much more. In total, we’re caterers because we don’t believe in fixed menus or fixed formats. We are caterers because we believe that customer service can be tied to creativity and by combing the two you come up with something that is not only exceptional but that can be uniquely yours.

Allow us to help you create your next moment.

- John Silva, Founder

What we do


[key-ter-ing] verb.
To provide or supply what amuses, is desired, or gives pleasure, comfort, etc. The craft of creating calm and pleasing experience through food, beverage and senses.


[ ’vent] noun.
A thing that happens, especially one of importance. An immersive experience shared by many.

Our Clients :