A Corporate Holiday Party in the City

When you love what you do it shows.   And when you have clients that love what you do, they tend to tell their friends.  As holiday party season was approaching, we received a call from a client who was looking for someone to take the reins of their company holiday party.  A venue had been selected and a caterer had been chosen but something just wasn’t right.  What they were looking for was a team to come in and collaborate to create something unique.  They were looking not only for that wow moment but were looking for a crew that would act as a partner in hearing their thoughts and making them a reality.  And as it happens, that is our specialty.   Luckily, their friend had been working with us on events and was ready to make the intro.  What ended up as a concept to experience “A Night in San Francisco” ended up as a fully immersive party themed around a vintage twist on iconic cities across the globe.  Each of the 3 floors, represented not only a custom menu, but immersive design, rickshaw rides to and from the venue, activations, and beverages to suit the mood.  Hand lettered name tag, character artists, hand rolled sushi, Parisian sweets, walking magicians, and karaoke filled the space to name just a few.

Take a look at their party and let us know how we can help you to create yours.